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Measure your application progress

  • See how far in the process you are
  • Get prompts when it’s time to follow up
  • View recruiter contact details
  • Receive upcoming interview reminders
  • Obtain support, tips and advice along the way

The easiest way to get your new job

I've been using Workray for a couple of days and I like what I see. It's helped me speed up my job search immensely. - Don

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Connect your Google or Outlook email and we will automatically combine your job related content so you can manage your job search in one place.


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Sign up to leading job sites in a few clicks. We’ll even organise all of your job notification emails into one handy list, letting you search more easily.


Get the benefits

Track your applications through every stage and we will give you tips, support and guidance as you go. Everything will be automatically organised.

How it works

Our tool is designed to target emails from identified recruiters, companies hiring and job sites. It will only import key job seeking information like title and location. It definitely can’t see or read your mail from Grandma - thanks to a complex algorithm we have created.

You can change your mind

If you are uncertain about your privacy - rely on Google’s and Microsoft's security settings. It takes 1-click to completely remove Workray via Google permissions or Microsoft privacy settings. And if you close your Workray account we delete all information we hold on you.

Your data is safe

We take pride in your data and treat it as if it were our own. Sensitive data is encrypted and made sure it complies with established security protocols and practices. We hold no passwords and are checked for compliance every quarter by an independent company.

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